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31 Jul | Blog 6

Hi folks,

This summer has been a very busy one with lots of gigs and travel, thankfully, and it is not set to calm any time soon! We’re just back from a very successful Portuguese tour where we played at six different festivals along with some other lovely venues, and we’re now about to set off to Canada for another tour.

The tour page has been updated so be sure to check it out, and if you’re near us on the road, please come say hi!


12 Jun | Blog 5

Hi folks,
It’s been a crazy few weeks since the launch of the new album “Cuz”, and over the last while the reviews have been piling in, all of them fantastic. In addition to the reviewers, the album is also going down very well with the public and sales are going well. Just taking a look at this month’s charts compiled by Irish Music Magazine, “Cuz” has made more Top Ten charts than any other album. I’m delighted with the fabulous reception the album is getting and delighted with the attention it is giving Cuz himself, as is his own family.

This, of course, leads to many more gigs and the band is facing in to a very busy summer. Check out the tour page for the latest, and keep checking back for updates, or feel free to subscribe.

In the meantime, have a great summer, and see you all on the road.

21 Mar | Blog 4

Welcome to the new look website! To tie in with my latest album “Cuz”, which has been getting great reviews already since its very recent release, the website has been given a facelift! Not only can you now buy all my albums directly from here, along with some very fancy schmancy t-shirts, mugs etc., you can also now follow my every move (should you so chose) by clicking on any of the social media icons listed to the left. Have fun looking around!

8 Mar | Blog 3

The first review is in….“Cuz” receives 4 stars and a lovely review in this week’s Irish Times. Considering only one traditional/folk album makes the review section every fortnight, having the album, not only featured, but given such a glowing review is all the more special. Not only that, but I get a special headline beside a photo of me, which reads “Niamh Ní Charra’s beautifully rough-hewn collection celebrates Sliabh Luachra’s bounties with chutzpah…A fine and firey collection.” Chutzpah – I love it!

1 Mar | Blog 2

My latest album “Cuz – A Tribute to Terry ‘Cuz’ Teahan” is now officially released! This album was a real labour of love, and took years of research and months to make. It is a tribute to a lovely musician who emigrated from my neck of the woods in 1928 and settled in Chicago until his death in 1989. He made a tape for me, right before his death, which I used as inspiration, and the new album features many top class guest musicians, all of whom knew Cuz. It is being distributed by Claddagh Records among others, and can also be bought directly from this site.

20 Feb | Blog1

After 11 weeks spent touring China with Riverdance, I’m finally back in Ireland, sitting in my apartment and looking at a copy of my brand new CD! Having performed with Riverdance for 8 years from ’98 to ’06, it was fabulous to rejoin them for this short visit, especially since I was taking on the new role of Musical Director. It was a very enjoyable and successful tour, but I’m delighted to be back home and can’t wait to get stuck in to promoting the new album, which has been a long time in the making. It’s due for release on the 1st of March, so watch this space!!!

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