FEMALE MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR 2014, Live Ireland Awards

Blog 5

Hi folks,
It’s been a crazy few weeks since the launch of the new album “Cuz”, and over the last while the reviews have been piling in, all of them fantastic. In addition to the reviewers, the album is also going down very well with the public and sales are going well. Just taking a look at this month’s charts compiled by Irish Music Magazine, “Cuz” has made more Top Ten charts than any other album. I’m delighted with the fabulous reception the album is getting and delighted with the attention it is giving Cuz himself, as is his own family.

This, of course, leads to many more gigs and the band is facing in to a very busy summer. Check out the tour page for the latest, and keep checking back for updates, or feel free to subscribe.

In the meantime, have a great summer, and see you all on the road.


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